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Self-help author turns to erotic fiction to get her message out.

Self-help author turns to erotic fiction to get her message out.

Guest blog for theculturehour by Becky Walsh

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Next month sees the launch of the new Fifty Shades of Grey film. Like it or hate it ‘Fifty shades of grey’ has had the kind of outreach a self-development author like myself would sell several granny’s for, including my own. 
Many of the buyers of ‘Fifty Shades’ are the people I wanted to reach with my book You Do Know - learning to act on intuition instantly. But for some people they’d rather take a magazine off the top shelf and wrap the ‘self-help’ book in it, rather than be seen, taking it to the sales counter by a co-worker.

So it got me thinking, what if I could create a fiction book that takes a people on a journey to self love, stopping off at some steamy erotic sex along the way. ‘Cupcakes and Coffee’ was born. Knowing the writing style doesn't fit with my current Becky Walsh readership, I have created the alter ego pen name of Rebecca Stone. 

Cupcakes and Coffee is laugh out loud funny, ‘I’m going to the bathroom, I maybe sometime’ - sexy, eyes wide open insightful and ‘OMG no way’ surprising! This is not just a two finger shuffle book for mothers, it’s a book that satisfies intellect, emotions, funny bones and gets you thinking. Well that’s not just me saying that, it’s the feed back I have had so far, and no, not from my mother who would of course never read it!

In a recent BBC Radio Bristol interview I was asked why I had used a pen name, what was I ashamed of? I’m not ashamed to put my own name to an erotic fiction book, but it is about expectation of the reader. As an author your name becomes your brand and people have an expectation. Recently the singer Rita Ora caused shock by having a low cut top on The One Show, exposing a little too much breast. It’s not what she was wearing that caused the shock, but the fact that isn’t what is expected on The One Show, which has a formula and a brand. It’s a dinner time TV show and no-one needs their husband to miss his mouth with the mashed potato whilst playing ‘spot the nipple.’

Author Becky Walsh
As authors we live in a blessed time. Never before have we had the chance to publish our work in so many different formats. I for one wouldn’t have written an erotic book if it wasn’t for the invention of the e-book. Also I have gone from being a published author with three publishers and four published books under my belt, to decide to have the freedom to go it alone with a self-published book. It has never been easier to get your work out onto the world, but is has never been so important to be clear on your brand and the message you want to get clear.

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